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Image Annotation Indicator

One small feature I would like to have integrated into your software is an indicator of images that have been used for annotation.  I have had numerous projects where I made an annotation that may have accidentally included an area that I want in the point cloud that gets removed.  When trying to correct the issue it is hard to find the exact image you used for that annotation to remove the highlighted area.

I agree, I’m working on a project with 900 images, and finding the ones that I’ve annotated is almost impossible.

Could we have a list of the annotated images please?


Hello Clay and Ian,

In fact, you can see if an image is annotated in the right sidebar of the rayCloud, when selecting an image (see screenshot below). 

However, you still need to select the images one by one to check if they are annotated. We have forwarded your suggestion to our product manager and hopefully it will be placed in a future version of Pix4Dmapper. 

Best regards,