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Image Annotation Removal

How do your remove image annotation?   I annotated a few images and now I have a few holes in my point cloud.  It must have grabbed pixels I did not want it to.  When I go back and look at the photo’s I see that they are annotated - I just cannot tell where?  I want the option to “unannotate” certain photographs, but not all of them as I spent hours on this task.  Is there a way to do this?



Hi Angela,

To remove an existing annotation go to the image and remove the annotation by clicking on the area that the global mask is applied. As you say it can be difficult to find all the images where the annotation was applied. You can consider recreating the project from scratch as well.

That is what I was doing, but when I go to the image it’s not showing me where the mask is.  Just that it’s annotated.  I ended up going to the project folder and deleting the images I didn’t want out of the folder called “segmented”.  That seemed to work.  

That’s a great trick, good to know!