I am currently producing several orthoplanes of facades.
I have a lot of problems, so I tried to use the masks but the result is very disappointing.
How do I delete all the created masks? I have more than 400 photos and I can’t control them one by one! Is there a method to remove all masks?
Thank you,


Salut Bertrand,

There is currently no way to remove all notations that have been added.
However you can untoggle the option “Use Annotation” in the processing options. It means that the masks that have been added will not be used for processing:

Hope this will help,

Salut Bertrand,

I would like to add a precision to my previous comment.
It is actually possible to remove annotation directly in the annotation folder:

Path: …\project_name\1_initial\project_data\segments
There you should remove all files in order to remove all annotations.


Salut Marco,

Ok, thank you for précision. I try it.