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Show removed points in rayCloud

Flowing the document 202560549 (How to annotate the images in the rayCloud), I removed obstacles from the point cloud in the rayCloud window using the annotation tool. After that, I found that I removed some needed point by mistake. So I would like to show all the removed points in the rayCloud window to identify and remove the bad masks. How can I do it?

From my experience the way to go would be to find the image(s) in which you have added the annotation and to modify the annotations you have done. If you click on a part of the image that was annotated it should remove the annotation, then click Apply. If you used “Carve” the changes are applied directly, else (Mask, Global Mask) you need to process the step again.

An annotated image can be recognized by the pencil sign visible in the following screenshot: 

To find all annotated images, you can select an image in the “Layers” section in the left side bar and then move through the images with the arrows on your keyboard: 

This will display the image in the right sidebar as shown in the first screenshot. Hope it helps!

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Thank you so much to your detailed answer with screenshots.

In my situation, it is not easy to identify the images in which I added the bad annotation because there are so many images with and without “carve” annotation. I deleted cloudy sky, but I also deleted a part of target object which color is  white by mistake.

I suppose that it may easier that I generate the point cloud from images again…

You are welcome. 

I just ran a test project of a few images. If you run step 2 again without removing the annotations, they will remain, so you would need to remove them as described in my first answer. 

However, there is a way to remove all annotations in the Processing Options (this might also not be convenient as it removes the good ones too): 

Otherwise, processing the entire project again, but that might be as much or more work than finding the annotated images and correcting them. 

EDIT: here is an article that describes the procedure well:

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Maybe colourizing the camera icon preceding image file name with respect to type of annotation ie blue, red etc.

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Being able to “draw” as well as “paint” the masked areas would be helpful too.

Good ideas Gary, that could improve the user experience for the annotation tool. I will send them to our Product Manager. 

Your advice on Processing Option is quite useful for me, because I also added many manual tie points. Thank you so much.

Adding color to the list of images based on annotations would be very helpful. I just had to cycle through 800+ photos to find the one that I annotated incorrectly. 

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That stings a little.

To keep driving this…how about adding a sorting feature to the image tree.!.!!!

True, sorting could make it easier to find images, e.g. group annotated images and non-annotated images, so that instead of 800 images, one has to search through about 10.

What other sorting criteria were you thinking of?