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Question about camera orientation using measured location and rotatio

Dear List

I have the following setup:

  • Several cameras are located in a room and are taking simultaneously images.

With a total-station I am able to measure all the 6 orientation parameters of all the cameras:

  • For each camera, I know precisely the Easting, Northing and Altitude of the sensor.
  • For each camera, I know precisely the direction North (Azimuth) the camera is looking.
  • For each camera, I know precisely the angle of the camera looking down- or upward (horizontal or elevation angle).
  • For each camera, I know precisely the angle of the camera tilting to the left or right (horizontal or elevation angle).

And the restriction is:

  • I cannot place any markers on the walls.


But I am unable to get any correct model. Currently, I am even struggling, if the three rotation values I have are Omega-Phi-Kappa or Roll-Pitch-Yaw.


  • What is the correct approach to get the correct rotation angles as input from the Azimuth, Dipping and Tilting of the camera?

Looking forward to any hints.

The attached sketch tries to summarize the setup and the known values.

Best regards,

Hello Yvo,

If I understand well, your three angles are omega, phi and kappa.

If that is the case, the angles should be imported via csv file.

Have you tried that?

On another issue, is the system moving? Why do you take all of the images at the same time? Have you defined a rig?

Thank you very much.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the very quick replay. That is good news regarding OPK.

I tried, but somehow the model was totally wrong orientated. But I guess it is due to a miss-definition of the values for the angles:

  • Kappa: Describes the Azimuth of the image. E.g. a value of 135 degrees means, the camera is pointing in the direction of South-East. Valid values are 0 to 360 degress, clockwise around the Z-axis of the used coordinate system (LV03 in my case).
  • Omega: Describes the down- or upward looking angle. E.g. the value 0 stands for nadir looking, the value 180 stands for verticaly upward looking and 90 stands for horizontal looking.
  • Phi: Describes the left / right tilting of the camera. In my case it is fixed to horizontally.


  • Are the assuptions above correct?
  • What would be the value for Phi in case the camera is not tilted sidewards? 0 or 90?

Regarding your questions:

  • Yes, the system ist mounted on a rig and the location and viewing angle of the cameras are measuerd using a total-station.
  • I cannot use just one camera for multiple reasons. But all cameras are the same type and the same type of optics.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Additionally a sketch about the definitions. Did I got it right?

Best regards,


Hello again,

If the images can be shared, I would recommend to open a support ticket and send the images, project file and all the information related to the project to have a closer look.

In order to do that, please go to the Pix4D support web site and click on “Contact Support”.

Thank you very much.

Hi David


Thank you for the link. I just opened a support ticket including a download link with all data.