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Kappa, Omega, Phi angles - working example

Hi this is Lukasz!
I have some troubles working with angles in Pix4D mapper. What I mean is I want to transfer from gimbal pich, roll, yaw angles (taken from EXIF tags) to Kappa, Omega, Phi. I tried to use this script:
but my results are far from perfect. I looked for this in this forum but there is no working example. Can somebody help solving this example step by step. I will be really gratefull as I have worked this for a week now.
My data is (EXIF tags):
GimbalRollDegree : +0.00
GimbalYawDegree : +125.60
GimbalPitchDegree : -89.90
GPSAltitude : 131.4 m Above Sea Level
GPSLatitude : 54 deg 31’ 54.39" N
GPSLongitude : 18 deg 32’ 47.40" E

Results from Pix4D for this photo are (taken from Pix4D mapper table): Omega:-0.06101 deg; Phi: -0.07923 deg; Kappa: -127.59868 deg.
I think my problem can be transformation to a centered earth fixed coordinate (ECEF)
system but I am not sure. (lat0=54.53177542; lon0=18.54650103; h=131.4)->(3516606.79; 1179814.62; 5171420.24)
Thanks a lot!


What’s the reason why you’re calculating the angles?

Generally, you don’t need to compute the omega, phi, kappa angles, because Pix4Dmapper will compute these angles automatically based on the angles of the body coordinate system (yaw, pitch, roll), which are usually stored in the EXIF tags of the images. Once these angles are calculated, the images will be correctly positioned and orientated. This process is described in more detail here: Yaw, Pitch, Roll and Omega, Phi, Kappa angles.


Hi Beata! Thank you for your response. I need that for scientific paper. As I provide some additional noise for position and orientation (gimbal yaw, pich and roll) of photos I need to be sure what the impact is of added noise for phi, kappa and omega angles.
I saw that website you pointed but there is no solution for my case. Using this equations my results are far from correct.

I’m sorry I can’t provide much insight regarding the math behind this issue. Your advanced photogrammetry question is outside the standard level of support offered. Perhaps our knowledgable and active users may have a closer look into this matter and provide further insight.