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iPhone pitch, roll, yaw to pix4d omega, phi, kappa


I am trying to read pictures taken using an iPhone into Pix4D. The orientation information of the images are given in YPR format. When I read these in, Pix4d shows converted OPK for each image (in the image properties). I am trying to verify if this conversion to OPK was correctly because in the rayCloud view the images are wrongly oriented or not visible at all. I am following the paper and the companion notes made available by the support team but probably I am still missing something regarding the orientation of the axes of the iPhone camera system. That is why maybe my rotation order and/or my Tb(PATB)B and TnE matrices are wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Nicolai,

As you mentioned, when importing the images into Pix4D, the yaw, pitch, roll angles are automatically converted into omega, phi, kappa.

I would recommend checking the EXIF of the images in order to see if the tags are correctly defined. This are the tags that are used in Pix4D when importing the images:


More in the Specifications of tags article. 

For more information about how Pix4D defines yaw, pitch, roll: How are defined yaw, pitch, roll?.
For more information about how Pix4D defines omega, phi, kappa: How are defined omega, phi, kappa?.