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Processing Sequoia success on Rapid "Initial Processing", fails on Full "Initial Processing"


I am running intro a problem processing images taken with Sequoia. When I selected a Rapid “Initial Processing” all the images are calibrated and the quality report looks completely fine. However, when I switch to Full “Initial Processing”, most of the cameras are not calibrated and the error e0046: “Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.” comes up. 

It might be because of the flight path (the Sequoia was mounted on a fixed wing), and the overlap set to 80% and 80% sidelap. However, the turns could have affected the final overlap and sidelap (look at image below). Nonetheless, it is very strange that Rapid processing will succeed while Full processing will fail to calibrate all the cameras. 

Any idea on what could be causing this?


Dear Tryggvi,

This could be due to the image content. It sometimes happens when there is a lot of vegetation in the images that calibrating the images at a lower image scale yields better results. We would suggest using full processing, but changing the image scale for the first step of processing. We would expect this to yield the better calibration as with Rapid Processing. You can find this option here

It is called Keypoint Image Scale. 

Best regards,