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Error: Inconsistent Images


I am using the Sequoia and experienced an error I am unfamiliar with. The error messages were the following:

"Error: Found 83 inconsistent captures.

“Error: Exception thrown: too many missing images leading to incomplete captures.”

“Error: Please consider removing image from incomplete captures or performing a new image acquisition”.


Any guidance in understanding and correcting the errors would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Hey Keith,

I had that issue multiple times before. I believe it is happening due to inconsistent GPS accuracy of the images or somehow the images are duplicated. I would identify all those images then remove those images and re-create your project from the beginning without those images and it will work. 

Thank you for the feedback Selim. Did you have a method that you found useful to identify which images were duplicated?


Hi Keith,


When Sequoia camera is triggered, a capture per each sensor it is taken. These captures are assigned to one rig instance to calibrate the rig successfully. If some images are missing from a capture, this will be discarded. In case more than 5% of captures is incomplete then the software does not further proceed with the calibration.

Unfortunately, the issue is related to the camera, and the only solution for the current dataset is to process it with the previous version 4.2.17.

In 4.2.17 the images are assigned to a capture based on the capture time while on 4.2.25 the images are assigned to the capture based on capture id. The last algorithm allows consistency in the processing of case images are missing. But since in your case the wrong tags are written by the camera than 4 images instead of 8 are assigned to a capture.

Below you can find the version 4.2.17. 



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Hey Keith,

I just went through the warning list, it had all the inconsistent images listed there. It is kinda manual work, but you can still process your data afterwards.

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Thank you Selim and Ina for your feedback. Your input has been very helpful in understanding the error message. Have a nice day.



Hey Keith,

I am glad the feedback was helpful. Have a nice day to you as well.


Would using version 4.2.17 solve the problem even if the project was created in the newest version ?



Since the project was created with the last version, you will not be able to open it with an older one. Hence, you will have to completely uninstall the current version see: How to completely uninstall Pix4D Desktop

Then install the 4.1.27 and create a new project from scratch with this version.