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Sequoia Camera Optimization error

When i create a new project, I keep getting several camera models.

After processed the project,  I got a quality report. like bellow:

Could you please tell how to fix it?

Best Regards


Hey Siline,

It is looks like you have the Green band as the the fifth band as well as the first band. Try to remove the fifth band (Green), and also under Image Properties, check to see if you have the images for the Green band twice, if so remove remove one full-set then try processing. If that doesn’t work re-emotion your project assuming that you are emotioning them in the first place. This happened to me couple times, I was able to fix some of them using the methods above. You can also try to remove the geotags then process it. Ideally you want your relative difference between the initial and optimized internal camera parameters %5 or less the reason that you are getting %50 is because you have that extra band. I am assuming the Green band reflectance  map is problematic but others may be fine.  How does your project look like in overall though based on your results and the rest of the report ? 

Hi Selim,

I found an image in band fifth, then I removed. The camera model looks fine.

However, I still get 25.01% relative difference between initial and optimized internal camera parameters. (I processed for the Initial Processing Step only).



Hey Siline,

That seemed to made a significant difference but definitely didn’t solve the problem. Maybe re-emotioning would work? How does your multispectral maps looks like though, although you have to complete all three steps to get it. Would you be able to include more screenshots from your report? What parameters are you using using for the Initial Processing step?  Like image scale, and Calibration options? And how does your Computed Image/GCPs/Manual Tie Points Positions looks like ? It should on the page two on the report.

Hi Selim

Thank you so much for your help.

I just re-attached all images. and Reprocessed.

It works fine. Now, I got 2.93% relative difference between initial and optimized internal camera parameters.

Best Regards,


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Hey Siline,

I am glad you got it working, %2.93 relative difference is definitely an acceptable threshold.