Pix4Dmapper not recognizing multiple bands with Sequoia

Hi guys,

I’m trying to process some imagery I recently collected. The imagery was collected by a Sequoia camera (not the Sequoia+) on an eBeeX. it was post processed in the eMotion 3.7 Flight Data Manager. I add the msp imagery to my project, choose the Ag Multispectral option, but when I look at the Image Properties Editor, it only shows the camera model for the green band despite there being multiple bands present (see image below)


I’m actually running into similar issues with the new Agisoft Metashape not recognizing this imagery as being multispectral but that’s for a different forum. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Hi Heather,

Did you do something different from before? I think the images are not tagged with the band name. Could you contact sensefly and let them know about this? It might be an issue on their end due to emotion processing. These two tags should be present in the exif with all other tags. You can check it in exiftool or exiv2 if the tags are present.

This was really helpful. Thanks!

You’re right, there is no band name or rig index in the metadata after I process it with eMotion, but there is in the raw unprocessed imagery. I will contact sensefly right away!

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Hi Heather!
Did you already receive an answer from sensefly? I have exactly the same issue and didn’t find any further information about it!

Hi, yes I did. I should have updated the post. Come to find out it was an issue with PPK post processing my imagery. The raw images from the SQ had all the information but after processing them, the metadata was missing the band info. I contacted sensefly and their R and D was going to work on it. They did give me a work around. The text file that you can have exported at the end of the post-processing still contains the corrected coordinates if you are PPK processing. They suggested to being in the raw images from the SQ and then import the coordinates from the text file instead of using the position information from the image metadata.