Processing Area in Pix4d Matic?

Is it possible to work in the processing area as in the case of Pix4D Mapper? i.e. preparing a vector file (KML, SHP)?

For corridor projects, I need to develop data for a strip 400 m wide and 10 km long. Drawing such an area as a region is a bit tiring and time-consuming

Hi kintakt1,
At the moment it is not possible to import a KML or SHP for your region of interest. However, I do suggest posting this in the PIX4Dmatic feature request category. Our team closely monitors this and topics that get a significant amount of interest are more likely to be developed.

Did survey provide you with GCPs at the boundaries of disturbance along the corridor? If so, you could pull those in as a .csv file and at least have points as a guide. Not ideal, but better than completely manual. I agree that there should be a way to do this.