problems with circular mission in PIX4D capture


I’m flying a P4A, and I had been running some tests today and had some issues running circular missions. After starting the mission the drone would not start the flight, and after several moments would tell me that it could not perform the mission due to “DJI internal error”, and then that “the images could not be retrived”. With Grid missions there was no problem…

Any ideas?

Hi Gabriel,

In this other post that you created, you said that the circular mission was successful. Did you manage the find the issue?

Julie hi,

It took several attempts, and at the end the circular mission took off and everything went well, but since I didn’t do anything different the test left me thinking about reliability…

Regarding the free flight mission tough I did not succeed to lift the drone. I could not get it to fly manually. The controller does not respond. After setting the required parameters for the free mission and pressing “start” the controller wont respond…


Hi Gabriel,

Sometimes the communication with the drone is delayed and this breaks the continuity of the mission. This is why restarting over to make another attempt usually solves the problem.

About the free flight mission, I have answered in the other thread.

Hi, Julie.

How to import .dwg from CAD into Pix4D project to improve the quality of volume computation.


Dear Julie,

I need to use the contour data (.dwg) to compute the volume into Pix4D project. 

Of course, i can not. so i try to convert that file (.dwg) to .shp to add into project as your article recommend in volume into volume.

But it also can not, please see the please let me know. how can i do it successfully.



Hi Sawitri,

For the sake of clarity, please create a new post here as the topic is not related to Pix4Dcapture.