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Problem importing .jpg from MAPIR Survey3W camera

Hello! I have a problem with pix4dfields, I’m trying to import .jpg files from the camera MAPIR Survey3W Camera - Orange+Cyan+NIR (OCN, NDVI) and it says that is not supported. I try to add the camera parameters file using this .xml file ( ) and the problem persists. What I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

Can you please add there a string in the following format: model_lens-model_focal-length_widthxheight , and let us know if it works? If it does not work, can you please add 1 image to the link, so we can test it from our side as well.

Kind regards,

It works perfect! Thank you so much Fernanda! It’s the first time I test pix4dfields and it’s easy, fast with excellent results.

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Our pleasure to help and thanks for letting us know that it worked :slight_smile: