Presbyterian Church in Mudgee by Will Heesterman

Hi Everyone,

Today’s 3DMonday project is the Mudgee Presbyterian Church, created by Will Heesterman.

Sketchfab link: 

This is the project info Will shared with us:

_“_The local Presbyterian church in Mudgee was looking to have a survey accurate 3D model of the church after storm damage had been repaired. Using 10 surveyed ground control points, and 8 manual tie points I was able accurately and easily reconstruct the church using Pix4Dmapper Pro. The images were captured using a DJI Phantom 4 and the Pix4Dcapture mobile app, using a combination of grid, circular, and manual flights. In total 530 images were used, 86 of which were nadir images. Noise from the point cloud was removed in the RayCloud editor before generating the Textured Mesh.”

Enjoy it, and feel free to share your comments and projects!

Pix4D team

Looks great, nice job!

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