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Pix4Dcatch Community challenge: Catch them if you (s)can

Community challenge: Catch them if you (s)can

Become one of five winners of our first Pix4Dcatch community challenge. Simply scan your object of interest and share it with us in the comments, alongside its story by May 20th. Make sure you read the rules beforehand. Good luck!

The Prizes:

  • 1st place - 1 year Pix4Dcloud Advanced license
  • 2nd place - 9-month Pix4Dcloud license
  • 3rd place - 6-month Pix4Dcloud license
  • 4th / 5th place - Pix4D goodies

The Rules:

  1. Create a 3D model of your object of interest. Your object of interest should be part of your construction project, eg. earthwork, underground utilities, infrastructure, or buildings
  2. Process in Pix4Dcloud/Pix4Dcloud Advanced
  3. Contact us to extend your trial to 30 days if using a trial
  4. Your 3D model should be no more than 1,000 images
  5. Share your 3D model in the comments below by May 20th
  6. Tell the story behind your 3D model and narrate how it is connected to your construction project.

The Jury

Projects will be shortlisted by the Pix4D community users who will vote for the Top 10 3D models from May 20th to May 24th.
The Pix4D team announces winners on May 31st.

Here is an example:

Good luck!! :four_leaf_clover:

Disclaimer: You can find more information about Pix4Dcatch in our technical documentation and you can post any question in the Pix4Dcatch community . Please note that personal support will not be provided for challenge participants.


Eyyyy, I really need this to be the best in my job!

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Hi Rui!

Please check out our demo dataset here.

So inside Pix4Dcloud, you have on the top right you have a share button:

Then you can click “embed”, paste the link for the 3D mesh or Orthomosaic.

But for the sake of this competition, you may just copy/paste screenshots like i did above.

The challenge ends on May 20th! Good luck!


Ok, Thank you Rodrigo.
Here it is a screenshot of my (unfinished) project:

I was looking to improve this project but unfortunately it seems my trial account does not allow me to send a new improved version of this project… although in the rules for this challenge you say that one should contact you " to extend your trial to 30 days if using a trial". However, I tried that but no one answered me.

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I’ll challenge very light use.
This is my office’s tree. It is very dangerous of collapse.
I find some gardener or pruner.

Here is the Link of Pix4Dcloud.

Now, I tell approximate length by phone, very analog way to share.

I hope to be more digital way to share, like this.

Not so dynamic object, not big infrastructure business, sorry.
But very general customer use, maybe future.

Best Regards.
Seiichi Takayama.


Hi Rui!

The rules above mention that we will extend the licenses to enable the participation in the challenge.
I just checked you trial license and it should be ok. It only expires 6 days after the end of the challenge applications closing.

Could you please make a description of your project and your workflow. We’re curious about it.
And let me know if you have any other question.



We’re looking forward!! :slight_smile:
There’s only 6 days left, don’t be late!

You could download the desktop version pix4d mapper and reconstruct using that? don’t think there is an image limit on it.

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So here is my submission for entry, I’m not entirely sure of eligibility as its not an ongoing construction project but is but it is kind of a good story…
My wife decided to drag me up to the north cost of Ireland for a guided darkness into light walk. She did all the organising and time keeping even moving a small get-together with friends to accommodate us going on this walk.(2hr drive away) Anyway we arrived for the early morning walk only a day late :joy:
But we had the place to ourselves at sunrise, and was absolutely amazing!!
Took some still images on 2x manual flights using a DJI Mavic Mini in fairly strong wind conditions.
Having used Pix4DCapture for flight mapping and capture I had a good idea of what kind of images were required still not the best for reconstruction but I was surprised how well they came out.

This is us perched for sunrise on the cliff top… (Would like to go merging the 2x scans in this data set and get the rest of the cliff face behind)

And this is Dunsevervick Castle…

Captured on Mavic Mini and processed using Pix4D Mapper for Mac (trial licence) for the first2 and Pix4D cloud for processing Dunseverick Castle. (I would go back to Dunseverick Castle to capture using Pix4dCatch in and around the castle, of the castle at ground level and would also like to get more detail of the cliff face if I won :wink: and capture other areas of interest)
I’ve also used Reality Converter to converted the FBX file to a USDZ file that works well when showing off the scans using with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad (hint hint to the coding guys to support USDZ in the 3d Mesh output format)
I would like to explore adding additional detail/data to existing datasets and merging datasets if its possible to do that, fairly new to Pix4D.



Hi All,

I’ve done some drone photogrammetry, but I just started making 3D models with my phone with my Pix4DCloud trial.

I scanned some footings that we recently dug for a residential project. I’m pretty amazed by the accuracy of the measurements you can take from the software. I’m hoping this model helps in upcoming inspections with the building department.

It seems like Pix4D Catch could complement my larger drone models pretty well to create, smaller, higher detail models.


Hi Rodrigo,
I want to participate in this challenge, but my trial version of Pix4Dcloud expired.
Could you extend my Pix4Dcloud trial account?

Thank you,

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Hello All,
Please find our 3D model analysis of the site as the preparation step for our Solar panel installation.

Pix4D helped us to understand the over all Area of the site, maximum length and width of the site for further planning of Solar panel count, Alignment, Location for placing


please extend our trial for another 30days

Thanks and Regards

LETTS - Hayashi

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Here is my project. I will use the model as basis to plan a construction project.

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…and please, extend my trial version which expires soon.

Hi there, ABC!

Your trial license only ends on May 24th, and you still have time to upload your Pix4Dcatch submission until this Thursday, May 20, when we close the challenge applications. Good luck!


Hi there!

Yes, your license has been extended until the end of the challenge! Good luck!
Good luck!


Hello everyone! I share with you my model, it is a colossal head of the Olmec culture which has a Mesoamerican origin, this culture settled in the south of Mexico.

The acquisition of the information was with an Iphone 12 PRO, it was processed in Pix4Dcloud and the point cloud file was edited in Pix4Dmapper in order to eliminate noise from the point cloud.

The edited point cloud was then uploaded to Pix4Dcloud.

Greetings to all!


I am currently starting a business and enrolled in a development incubator within the Pôle Aéronautique d’Albert (Somme, France).

My company operates in the maintenance sector (buildings, private residences, etc.).
I am interested in your software because I think it can make it easier for me to prepare for the intervention on site.

My project:
For this house, I would like to obtain:
· The total area of ​​the gable (to calculate the dosage of the treatment)
· The total height (for the choice of the material to be taken for the intervention)
· The area to be repaired

Thanks to Pix4Dcatch, I managed to get to the coast quickly (especially thanks to the cloud) and without outside help.

In addition, it will allow me:

  • Choose the most suitable equipment (basket, 4m ladder, 6m ladder, etc.) for the intervention,
  • Share the site with the various operators and technicians,
  • To preserve a history of the condition (before the intervention).

One of the advantages is that you can perform a scan with a simple smartphone. Indeed, this will allow me to avoid having to review a drone flight mission.

My activity is subject to seasonality.

I am very interested in the creation of an inspection service (or creation of twins) in order to diversify my services.

Having a professional drone remote pilot license, I am also considering using Pix4D Capture (or Inspect) for less accessible places.

Winning this competition would be a chance for me to be able to carry out my tests and improve the quality of my scans, but also to do research and development without jeopardizing my young company.


Hello. I’ve just been notified with this contest, plz can u extend my trial account so I can participate. Thanks in advance.

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We are trying Pix4D catch with an iPad Pro as surveyors to optimise the survey and integration of underground pipes into a SIG for communal works.
It would help us having measurement of inaccessible objects from above for GPS survey (pipes under other pipes). The operator can also “virtually go back” to terrain in Pix4D cloud to get additional points or confirmed unsure elements without having to physically go back to terrain.