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Pix4Dchallenge #1: 3D modeling a small object

In our first 3D modeling challenge ever, we invite you to 3D scan and share your favorite small object in the comments below. Please make sure to read the rules of the challenge to win the nifty prices! Happy modeling to everyone, may the best model win!

:loudspeaker:The submission deadline is Friday, November 17 (23:59 CEST)


1st. Place

The first place winner will receive a 6-months Pix4Dmodel license , a Pix4D t-shirt, a Pix4D paper notebook, a Pix4D USB key, and surprise Pix4D goodies.

2nd. Place

The second place winner will receive  3-months of Pix4Dmodel license , a Pix4D t-shirt, a Pix4D paper notebook, a Pix4D USB key, and surprise Pix4D goodies.

3rd. Place

The third place winner will receive 1-month of Pix4Dmodel license , a Pix4D t-shirt, a Pix4D paper notebook, and surprise Pix4D goodies.



  1. Scan your favourite small object (max 30x30x30 cm) with your favourite 3D scanning technique.

  2. Use your desktop device and favorite Pix4D software to create your project, define a processing area, adjust your project orientation, and upload it to Pix4D cloud for processing. We recommend the usage of the  3D Models processing options template.

  3. Submit your work by posting the Pix4D cloud link to your project as a comment to this post.


  • Emmanuel d’Angelo (Pix4D Modeling Development Manager)
  • Pierangelo Rothenbühler (Pix4D Community Manager)
  • Veronica Alonso (Pix4Dmodel Product Marketing Manager)
  • Mattia Cugini (Pix4D cloud Customer Success Manager)

The votes on the models in the comments are taken into account by the judges.

Terms & Conditions

  • No purchase necessary.
  • By submitting their projects, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
  • The submission deadline is Friday, November 17 (23:59 CEST)
  • All entries must be original works.
  • All entries may be used for promotional purposes.
  • Winners and winning entries may be required to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition.
  • All winners will be contacted by Tuesday, November 28

Hi there, I would like to share my experience creating this model. You can use it as an example for your 3D modeling challenge submission.

How I created it:

  1. I used my smartphone to capture a video of the bear.
  2. I created a project using Pix4Dmodel on my laptop.
  3. I extracted images every 3 frames.
  4. To have a fast overview of the project and assess the quality of my dataset, I ran only step 1 in “rapid” mode. Once the initial processing was ready, I defined the processing area and adjusted the orientation.
  5. Before uploading the project to the cloud, I went to the processing options and changed the settings to get a visually appealing mesh as result. I loaded the “ 3D Models ” template. Then I ticked the “Use Geometrically verified Matching” in the matching settings.
  6. Once I defined all the settings, I made sure I selected both, “Initial Processing” and “Point Cloud and Mesh” steps in the processing dashboard, and uploaded to the cloud for processing.

This is the link to my project on the Pix4D cloud:

Have fun creating and sharing your own project!


This brings up a big point for a lot of us.  In most of our work the default cloud settings don’t make a good enough project so the desktop is the only way to work.  But the desktop doesn’t have a good means of displaying our work without giving up the entire Pix4D project folder and thus revealing trade secrets.

I look forward to participating in this challenge but we need some more options in the cloud processing or a hosting site for desktop projects would be a great addition to the Pix4D system.



@Adam: A project that gets uploaded to the Cloud from the Desktop software will keep the same processing options, that is currently the recommended workflow if you want to do more advanced modeling on the Cloud. An example is point 5) from Veronica’s comment.

At the moment it is possible to upload the Orthomosaic and DSM as result file directly on the Cloud. I know the Cloud team is working on extending this to more result files. I encourage you to share your feedback and suggestions in the Product feedback or Cloud web platform topics of the community, so that it is not hidden in this challenge post. 

Let’s keep the comments section for project submissions. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing your model submission Adam!