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Pix4D Challenge! Vote now for your favourite image!

Show us your best drone pic

Here’s our shortlist! It was very hard to choose due to the general high quality of the projects.

Now it’s your turn to vote. The 5 projects with more votes will be awarded with the 6-month Pix4Dmapper license + Pix4D goodies.

Oh, yeah, and they’ll be printed and hung on the walls of the Pix4D office… (We’re specially excited about this part…)

How to vote:

1 - Click on the little square above each image to vote for it;
2 - Confirm your vote, by clicking on “Vote Now” on the bottom of this page.

We’re counting on your vote.

  • 1 - Vote here for image 1: Salt River in Utah
    A small mineral-rich drainage at the southern end of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Project by @estlin.haiss
  • 2 - Vote for image 2: Orthomosaic of Huaca Pucllana
    Huaca Pucllana is the cultural and ceremonial center of Lima, Peru. Captured with Mavic 2 Pro at 60 mts, using a polygon mission of Pix4Dcapture. Project was done by @alvaro.ruiz for the Ministry of Culture of Peru.
  • 3 - Vote for image 3: Waste: A different approach!
    @Andrew_Milanes decided to go a different route. A photo of a landfill titled “Waste”. It highlights the enormous amount of waste that humans generate and underscores the need for recycling.
  • 4 - Vote for image 4: Somewhere in the Black Sea
    Well… That’s all we have about this one. But it sure is nice. Project by @Aero_Fertoing
  • 5 - Vote for image 5: Ice-cracking in Greenland
    @chrapchs captured this aerial while crossing the Sermilik Fjord in East Greenland : Near the Arctic Circle 66°08’N. Instagram: @earthrunner33
  • 6 - Vote for image 6: A buggy forest in Bhutan
    This image was taken in 2019 during a bark beetle outbreak survey in one of the area affected area from Bhutan. The whitest trees are all effected and dead. Project by @ctshering
  • 7 - Vote for image 7: Swim time in South Africa
    @andrea.chetty09 used an Inspire1 v2 with a Zenmuse x3 at 80m high to capture this one in Northern Cape, South Africa
  • 8 - Vote for image 8: Scottish landscape
    A Scottish living landscape! Flown with a Trimble UX5, Sony A5100, at 120m. Project by @gaving
  • 9 - Vote for image 9: A traditional salt pans in Malta
    “Rocks have been painstakingly carved out into salt pans. Probably dating back to Roman ages. The irregular shapes of the pans fitting together like intricate patchwork make a wonderful sight… Shot in winter 2019 with a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom.” Project and text by @tristan.blaudet
  • 10 - Vote for image 10: The Bloody river
    Actually called the wine river, it’s located in Huelva, Spain. Its colour is due to the materials and rests used in the mines, all the way from the Copper Age. Shot by @claurgn with an Inspire1, who walked 2km to get this shot. (Instagram: @motivadrone)

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When determining the final winners, are you going to include or omit the conspicuous number of votes from brand new accounts people are creating to vote for themselves?

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Hi @estlin.haiss ,
Thank you for your comment.

Well, the goal of this challenge was also to bring new people to the community, in a kind of end of year artistic and light way. In that sense we are very happy with the results and we really hope many of the people stay with us for the future. Stay tuned for upcoming more technical challenges, dedicated to more technical users, where inviting friends to vote will definitely be out of the question.

We hope to see you around the community more in the future,

Best regards,