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Somewhere in Greece…


Copter Log Services is proud to share one of our craziest surveying project :nerd_face: :camera_flash:. This was on „Blaue Köpfe“ in Carinthia Austria :austria: over 3100 m above see level, next to the highest mountain in Austria (3798m ASL) :mountain_snow:. Technically it was a huge challenge due the mobility factor (we had only 2-3m² to move) and the time constraint because of the weather condition (we had only 40 minutes) :clock7:. We took 3 drones with us in case one of them could fall down and this was our last chance for that year otherwise we had to wait 10 months to make the shots without snow :cloud_with_rain: :snowflake:.

:heavy_check_mark:Facts: Modified Mavic Air, hybrid flying mission NADIR and Orbit, Number of photos 619
:heavy_check_mark:Time to get to the top by feet 7:30 hr. but we took the short variant with the material ropeway, 10 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Credit at: @copterlogservices on instagram and Redirecting...

Kind regards from Austria (we don’t have kangaroos :kangaroo: :heavy_multiplication_x: ), all the best and happy new year 2020 :tada: :confetti_ball: , your Copter Log Services team (

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We made this over the Buda Castle, Hungary. Please Credit us on instagram: drone_loricatus


Isla de Janitzio, Michoacán, México. Fue tomada durante un vuelo para realizar un modelado 3d. @inktopografia

This is my favorite top-down style drone shot I’ve taken—captured during summer over a small, mineral-rich drainage at the southern end of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. My favorite detail in this image is the large flock of birds feeding at the mouth of the river (zoom in!).

Please use @estlinhaiss on Instagram for credit. (Original resolution of this photo is 3000 x 4000px)


Image captured in the Northern Island of Fiji known as Vanua Levu using a Mavic Mini.

valley of fires, a lava flow west of carizozzo, new mexico. it extends more than 45 miles north to south, and is more than 165 feet thick in spots. i love the texture of the lava in a nadir image, the scale can be deceiving. is it lichen? is that a tree?

instagram: @ivegotahaddock


Greetings to all,

You will find below an orthophotography of an aggregate storage platform made by our firm for inventory control in September 2019. @Cabinet Bourguignon Bassin de la Seine

Pix4D certified user :wink:

Downloadable version:


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One of my favorites for this year.
Caption: Spot the Pilot

Drone: DJI Inspire 1 v 2
Camera: Zenmuse X3
Height: 80 m
Location: Kathu, South Africa


My favorite image of 2019!!

Drone: Sensefly eBee
Camera: S.O.D.A.
Height: 200m
Location: Cape Town, South Africa


Caption: Swim Time
Drone : Inspire 1 v 2
Camera: Zenmuse X3
Height: 80m
Location: Northern Cape, South Africa


Beautiful colors!!

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:astonished::grey_exclamation:Our community challenge started with a nordic island & ended up with lava :volcano:.
We are so so grateful for all your submissions but… Game Over!

On the 10th, we’ll present you the TOP 10 shortlist and allow users to vote the 5 winners! :medal_military:

Thanks to ALL the participants.


Cañón del Chicamocha (Santander, Colombia), a geographic feature that has been proposed as world heritage at UNESCO. You can see an old but active around the mountain railway.

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