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New Year CHALLENGE! Show us your 2019 best drone pic and be in to win!

Pix4D users are doing the coolest things. From Antarctica to Zambia, you’re out there seeing and mapping the world.

To be honest, we’re a little bit jealous.

That’s why for the final Community Challenge this decade (crazy, right?!) we want to see your best drone or aerial pic. We’re looking for spectacular nadir photos or orthomosaics with a ‘wow’ factor. We’ll put our favourites up on our office walls, and the winners will receive Pix4D licenses to continue their work and goodies to do it in style.

The best image, as decided by you

Share your favourite nadir aerial images (or orthomosaic) with us in the comments below before December 31, 2019. On January 10, we’ll present a short list of pictures, and the community will pick the final winner. Users can vote until January 14.

The fine print

You can submit a compressed version of the image below, but to be considered, you must also be able to provide a high-res version of the image: at least 3,000 x 2,000 pixels/300 DPI. TIF, JPG or PSD images are fine.

All submitted images may be used on social media: let us know how you would like us to credit you.

The Jury

Projects will be shortlisted by the Pix4D team.
Pix4D community users will vote for the Top 5 images, which will be announced on January 15 and win the prizes.

The Prizes

The 5 projects with the most votes will be printed and displayed in the Pix4D Headquarters. The winners will receive a 6 month Pix4Dmapper license and Pix4D goodies.

Need an example?

I took this shot last weekend at the Swiss Vineyards of Lavaux, near the city of Lausanne. It’s not a winner, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, considering it’s coming from a Mavic Mini! Please credit me as @twitter if you tweet this.


I made this ortho from a test project on an island in Austevoll, Norway. I love the way this project turned out both visually and for training. Please credit me @angrywhooper and my company @scandinavian_drone on instagram.


@joakim Beautiful !!!


Dublin, Ireland forest survey. Testing 90% overlap using Pix4D capture.
Model turned out very nice!
Instagram: @killianpower_geo


A Scottish living landscape!..Trimble UX5, Sony A5100, Flying height 120mAGL.


This photo is from a recent survey I performed in the Port of Long Beach for Manson Construction. The land in the picture was at elevation -55 2 years ago. I was surveying it then using a reson multi beam sonar. We have brought that area up to + 40 a fill of 95 feet! The piles are for the extension of Pier E, to accommodate 2 more container ships. Thanks for your consideration.


This snapshot of an orthomosaic is my sister and I on my alma mater’s turf soccer field after I taught her how to fly the DJI Inspire. It was her first time ever flying a drone and she did great! It was fun to give her a glimpse into what I love so much!


Approx. 4,700LF of a river restoration and highway reconstruction project in Colorado (overall project is several miles). All flown manually with Phantom 4 Pro; tight canyon conditions combined with the project requiring high detail on vertical features (rockfaces) meant automated flights and image capture wouldn’t work. Average GSD of 1.18cm/0.46 in.
Credit to Chinook Landscape Architecture. Reduced size image below, full image is about 2.5gbs (108,521x27,9714 pixels):

Less reduced version:


New Slains Castle with Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire in the background. This place was apparently the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


Purposely uploading the DSM along with the Orthomosaic, Just to prove that Pix4D mapper is not just looks, this is a proof of how precise and well defined these outputs are generated.
Thank you PixD. :grin: :grin: :grin:
Please credit me and my work @4way_drones on instagram and @4way Associates on LinkedIn.

Really amazed by the posts uploaded by others so far. Amazing work. Great workmanship.


Hi all,

some great pictures out there. While I am discovering the Pix4D amazing software please let me add mine, taken a few days ago not far from Pix4D HQ in Col du Mollendruz.

Have a nice Sunday,



The bloody river


Wow guys. All of your pictures are awesome. We’re very pleased. :heart:
Keep them coming! :smiley:


This is image taken this year during bark beetle outbreak survey from one of the area effected area from Bhutan.The whitest trees are all effected and dead.


Thank you for participating and… keep them coming! We are exited to see what you are working on!
Really cool pictures!


Hi Russel!

Thanks a lot for participating.
We really love this one, but it’s oblique. Would you have any nadir one you’d like to submit to the competition?

By the way, did you do a 3D model of this castle?

Best regards.


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That’s what happens when you just dive in and read the instructions properly :laughing:

I did do a model of it but it had a few gaps and I never got the chance to go back and fly it again.


We took this shot while working on the basilica in Esztergom, Hungary.
Please credit us on instagram: drone_loricatus


This is a screen shot of the ortho from a 100 acre community college mission captured as a base map for developing a facilities management GIS database.