Pre flight before mission

Hi…i am bimbodanu

Thank You Very Much for your Great App,

God Bless You All…

i use this almost every day in my work with P4

i wonder if you have a plan on the next feature release for an option on your app to record flight route (fly manually), save the route, and export to *.kml.

my flying area mostly in the forest or terrain area that need me to observed before i launch the mission, so i need to make sure the mission perimeter is ok or no obstacle



Hi Bimbodanu,

You cannot create a .kml file of the flight plan but you can already import a polygon to delimit the area (.kml):

i’ve never go to the link before,

but when i read the support page, i realize that is exactly what i did over and over again with your app

and that is not answer my question above

this is what i need :

  1. i fly the P4 (with your app), on the perimeter (Boundary) of the Area that i need to map

  2. when i fly, i want to your app record (maybe with a button for record like video button) and draw automatically the route of the P4 on the screen,

  3. when i finished recording the route is save as kml file

so is this possible?

you can ask your tech guys to discuss about this feature

We are not sure to understand.

Would you like to record the map view while the drone is flying? If so, could you explain a bit why?
When you plan a mission, the route is automatically designed to optimize the image acquisition.

Or do you mean you would like to save the flight plan so that you can fly the exact same mission later? You can do that for autonomous mission but not for the free flight mission. During a free flight mission, the drone has to be manually piloted so it cannot be controlled by the app according to the path of a previous free flight.

Perhaps this would be feasible. If it is what you need, I can report it to our product manager :).

Dear Julie

i know and understand that before flying the mission with pix4d, we have to plan the mission within a project, and if  necessary we can overlay the mission with background map from file *.kml or kmz, (android version)

BUT what if i need to check and inspect the area/designed mission before flying my mission above the area?

i want to fly manually with the app, within the the same project, so i can see the background of my designed mission, (appeared with grey color) and i fly on the perimeter of my designed mission, and when i fly, the app can create route of my flight and save the route as kml file.

you can sent my question to your technical support team :slight_smile:


Now I see what you need :). To be honest, I do not believe it will happen soon. But the suggestion would be a good improvement. I just reported it to be considered for future development.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience and feedback.

I think I have done this. You need to install FlightData Manager on a PC/mac first. Then manually fly, refresh the list of flights on your PC, double-click the flight, then click to download the files. One of the files will be a KML file of the entire flight. Perhaps you can then use this in the creation of your Pix4D mission?