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Capture App record flight

I wanted to know if i can record track of a flight to fly the same later ?
Thank in advance.

Hi Emmanuel,
Unfortunately at the moment you cannot record a flight with our app to perform the same mission later. You have to try to place the new mission manually at the same location as the previous one.

But it is a good suggestion and we will pass it to our product management team so that they can study it for future versions of the app.


I’m planning a big mission wich will need 9 or 10 flights to cover my worksite. I try to find the better organisation to limit the flights, but I think it’ll be hard to respect my flight plan with the actual app. Moreover, there’s a bad internet connection in the field.
So, I think Emmanuel’s idea is quite good. If I coulf record my flight plans on the app before leaving the office, it would save me a lot of time in the field and provide me a better organisation.
In a future version maybe?

i hope so

Hello All,

In future versions the software will allow multiflights in more automatic way.

In the meantime, please ensure good overlap between flights.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused,


Hi Pix4D Team


I would just like to find out if there is any feedback on this topic.


This would be a great feature especially if you are having to fly a specific area regularly. Save the flight paths and when you get to the field it is super quick setup time and a guaranteed result without the risk of to low overlap.


Regards and thanks in advance. 

Hi Andrew,

It is indeed a very nice feature that we would like to implement. Unfortunately there is no update on this. At the moment we are mainly working on supporting new drones and making the app more stable as for the UI there should be some improvements in a next version.

Best regards,