Combining missions in one flight

Think I’ve already read the answer to this, (which is no) but thought I’d ask. I have a monthly mission that requires a grid mapping session followed by a video session (large circle). Mapping takes about 16~17 minutes and the video just a little over 5. P4Pro drone, appx 29 minutes of flight time max.

Question is - Can I perform both missions without landing in between? If so, whats the procedure?

I’ve always landed between flights, just wondering combining them in one flight is an option.

Hi cr125honda,
This question is more specific to the different flight apps that are available. So the PIX4D community might not be the best place to ask this. But my guess is that you will need to land in order to upload the next mission regardless of which flight app you are using. However someone might know otherwise.

Hi Mike. The app I’m using is Pix4D Mapper. IOS/iPad/ P4Pro. I didn’t specified that and made some assumptions. It’s my first time posing a question but I thought I was in the correct forum/category(sub-forum, etc.). Let know if I should delete and post in another category. Thanks

I see. That would be the PIX4Dcapture app. It does not support that feature. However, there could be other flight apps out there that could support it. I just don’t know.

Opps, My mistake. I tried to delete this but it says I don’t have permission. If your a Moderator, please delete and I’ll post in the correct Capture forum. Thanks again.

Originally posted in “Mapper” forum. I just moved the post to the correct “Capture” forum