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Post Flight Terra 3d vs Pix4D Mapper Pro

So I understand that Post Flight Terra 3d that comes with Sensefly UAVs is “powered by pix4d” but does it have all the functionality of Pix4d Mapper Pro? Are there any comparisons in the features of both? What are the limitations of one versus the other?

Post Flight Terra and Pix4D are essentially the same with one major difference, Post Flight will only process data from a senseFly product and nothing else.

Hi there, I want to know the differences between Postflight Terra 3D and Pix4dmapper Pro, I mean about Quality, Video, and other topics,  I need to justify to get the license for PIX4D again at my work, please let me know, I think using PIX4D MAPPER PRO presents improvements in the quality of the resulting Orthopoto


resents improvements in the quality of the resulting orthophoto

Hi Manuel,

Postflight Terra 3D and Pix4Dmapper Pro are the same software, just the name is different. Postflight Terra 3D has stopped, now only Pix4Dmapper Pro is available. For more information, please contact