Poor GPU usage - Nvidia RTX 2080ti

I am checking to see what can do to improve my system configuration. I am running the Pix4d example_spherical model and when I run this my GPU does not get above 2% usage. I have attached the report after running the example_spherical. example_spherical_report.pdf (104.6 KB)

I spoke with Nvidia and they said my settings should be set correctly. I would just like to know if this is the best I will get, or if I need to tweak it more somewhere

My Puget System Benchmark Results appear to be typical Pix4D Benchmark Results.txt (462 Bytes)

Hi Jason,

It isn’t worrisome. The software works as expected with the powerful hardware you have. The most important is that the Pix4Dmapper is able to detect your NVIDIA CUDA device just after the start. That’s happening in your case. We even have the confirmation of it in the Quality Report you sent us. However, it’s essential that you keep updating the NVIDIA drivers always to the latest versions. It’ll prevent the software from crashing and decelerating. Please note, that different steps use the resources in a different way, but at the same time, within a step, in some moments some small instructions needs to be completed, which cannot be paralleled and therefore it will not use the full resources.