Polish geoids

some time ago I wrote about updating Polish geoids in Pix4dmatic. I described it in detail in Request #136530. Can I count on an answer as to when I can expect the changes?

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Hi Maciej,

We are unable to provide an expected date, but can confirm:

  • We reached out to the local Polish authority requesting they register the transformation with EPSG.
  • They replied stating they will register the transformation with EPSG.

These things can take time. As soon as it is registered and published by EPSG, we can then get it added to the PROJ library giving access to the software.

You will be able to confirm the addition by monitoring the release notes. I checked EPSG.org and do not see the transformation yet, and suspect it is still in process.



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Thank you very much for asking the authorities to register the transformation. You could have said there was a need then I could have arranged it myself.
Thank you for keeping me informed of the progress and I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will be sorted out as soon as possible. Thanks again!


You are welcome. We had worked with them in the past so there was familiarity, we also do this regularly around the globe and have the requests ready depending on the particular need in the region.

Its hard to put any timeframe on things given all of the separate entities requiring action and then publication. I can say that in the scale of geoid requests this one is moving along rather quickly. It can take some time, but in the end all will be sorted.


Super information.
I have also personally written to GUGIK to have them add the layout to the EPSG database.

I have received a response from the General Office of Geodesy and Cartography. This is a link to the new vertical system.


it works from version 1.53. thank you very much!

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I’m happy that you like the update :slight_smile: