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Point Regeneration Error

I have a large point cloud and when I try to draw polylines the program will pause as I’m panning and rotating the view. As if this isn’t annoying enough, after the pause the view reverts back to the full view and I have to zoom back in to where I was. Is there a way to fix this? Sometimes it does it every 15 seconds and just as I’m placing a vertex. My computer a Dell XPS with i9 processor, 64 GB of ram, GEForce RTX 2060, using a M.2 SSD.

Hi @ameyer,

thank you for contacting us. Would it be possible that you make a short video of the issue that you face?

Does the software freeze only when moving the point cloud or also when doing other operations, for example, minimizing the software, clicking the menu bar?

How big is the point cloud? Is there any chance you open it on another computer to see if you get the same issue there as well?


Hi Blaz,

My las file is 12.5 GB. The software freezes when I move the point cloud, but does it the worst while I am drawing or modifying polylines. I’ve noticed it very consistently does it when I rotate the view down and the horizon is shown, but it does it other times as well. I’ve not been ably to try it on another computer. I made a video, but do not see a way to upload it.

If it helps to use a smaller point cloud, is there a way I can save the Pix4Dsurvey file as a new file or copy the working folder then break the model into smaller pieces? I don’t see that option anywhere.

Also, I should mention that I created the project from a Pix4Dmapper (p4d) file.


Out of pure frustration I tried just importing the point cloud, rather than from the p4d file. At this point it seems to not be having the same problem. Also the point regeneration is much faster.

I’m wondering if it is because the p4d file also associates the images with the point cloud and it’s having trouble with the images. Is there a way to disassociate the images from the Pix4Dsurvey project?

EDIT: Never mind - Although it does seem to perform better, it still hangs and I have to zoom all to fix it.

You can upload the video here.

Could you also upload the full las file so we can try to reproduce the issue you face?

There is no “Save as” option, but you can copy the full folder to get multiple versions of the same project.
You can also try to use the Selection tool to select and delete parts of the point cloud in order to see if this helps with the responsiveness. More in the How to use selection and vectorization tools in PIX4Dsurvey article.


Hi Blaz,

I uploaded the video of the screencast (20211123092727.mp4) and I would upload the las file but am a bit wary doing so in order to protect our client’s confidentiality. If after you watch the video, you still think you need to analysis on the point cloud, I will see if I can get permission.

I did break up the model into smaller parts (point clouds are now 1.5 GB to 3.3 GB) and the performance is greatly increased. I have only run into the regeneration error a handful of times rather than every minute.


Thank you for sharing the video, it is the first time we see such a behavior.

Would it be possible to share the whole PIX4Dsurvey project folder so we can try to reproduce the issue?

You can upload the file here .