Point Cloud Finished but can't proceed with DSM

I completed a point cloud generation for a 15000+ project, saved the project and when came next day to continue the generation of the DSM, the software started re-generating P. Cloud again! What could be the problem?

If the point cloud generation was done, then it indeed is not supposed to start again, except if it was selected in the processing options panel. Are you sure it was unchecked and only the DSM step was checked? Maybe if you share the log file Help > Export project logs we can look into it in more detail


I am attaching the last 4 logs. You can see in one of them that it started the DSM, then it was failed. Reopening the software again it was started from P. Cloud because I couldn’t select DSM unless I check P. Cloud box (processing again).

2023-12-03_08-57-05.txt (145.3 KB)
2023-12-04_07-01-58.txt (212.7 KB)
2023-12-05_13-04-13.txt (10.0 KB)
2023-12-05_22-14-21.txt (87.2 KB)


The issue partially resolved; re-generated the P. Cloud again (because no reply received) and it was completed successfully. Now, I am having another issue with DSM failed. Can you identify the problem? Last log is attached.
2023-12-05_22-14-21.txt (213.1 KB)


There was a known issue with the DSM generation with the 1.51 version that you are using. In the last preview version of PIX4Dmatic (1.55.0) we added a fix for this specific issue. Can you please try again with the latest version?
Thank you