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Point Cloud Editing

Hi there, 


I’m currently trialing pix4d and wondered if once we’ve edited the point cloud to remove unwanted items, is there a way to refill the textures in so we dont end up with gaping black holes?


thanks in advance,



Hi Zoe,

In order to get outputs where there are no gaps caused by the removed points in the densified point cloud, you would have to generate a new point cloud by processing step 2 (this overwrites the whole step 2 results folder), then step 3. In order to keep the modifications you have done in the point cloud, you need to work on two separate copies of the project:

  1. Save the project under another name, using Save Projects As… This copies the whole project (results included) under this new name.
  2. Process step 2 again in one of the projects. As a result, the step 2 results folder will be overwritten, generating a new point cloud where no point have been removed.