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Edit Data Cloud

After running processing #1 and #2, I edit the point cloud for un-wanted points. Equipment, Trees, ect.  Once this is done, I run step 3 and create a *.DXF file for use. I’ve noticed that after the *.DXF is open, the areas that I cut out in the editing process are showing up like they have not been edited. 

Running the latest 2.1.53 64 bit. New user!

Anyone else having problem? Any solution?


Unfortunately the only way around this from my experience, is after editing out your points, is reprocessing step 2

I had the exact same problem where my deleted points were still in the DXF contour lines!! Whereas it used to work!

I found this post commented by Pix4D 

A user also explains a workaround that worked for me =)