Plant asessment and counting in PIX4Dfields! 🌳

Great performance of Agriculture over a citrus grove planted in a square layout!

Objective :dart: : Tree assessment and counting using the Magic Tool.

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Low-performing trees identified.
:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: 600 trees counted, 1% error.

1- Orthomosaic from high-resolution RGB drone imagery (4cm/pixel)

2 - Magic Tool in action, grid showing automatic classification, after some refinement by hand, selection done.

3 - Select Conver to β€œArea annotation”. Magic Tool provides an area annotation for each tree detected.

Afterward, separate it into single polygons. Click Edit, and Create single polygons.

4 - After exporting TGI index statistics per tree, low index trees can be identified.

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Learn how to use the Magic tool:


How do I export to get the TGI Index statistics per tree.
I check all tutorials I cannot find one to explain this.

je n’arrive pas Γ  obtenir un polygone unique par plante mais des pixels par plantes qui ne me facilite pas le comptage, comment faire?

  1. You need to convert the MagicTool annotation into single polygons:

  2. Copy them to the TGI index layer if they are not already present.

  3. Export β†’ Statistics