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Planning the mission - Using MAPS

Dear PIX4d Team,

What is the best way to plan (before using drone realtime activity) with IPAD or Iphone IOS ? 

We need to plan several missions before going to the field. So, there is a way to put the coordinates and 
plan the mission (offline) ? 

I will wait your feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Artur Pedro Morais


It is not needed to have an internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi) to perform missions. Only the geolocation signal of the mobile device is used to geolocalized the mission and the home point with respect to the drone’s GPS. However, we recommend planning the mission in advance so that the base map can be loaded and saved (Android) or cached (iOS) on the device before going to the field.

For more information:

For example: To plan a mission and save it on Android before going to the field, please see: