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Offline mission


I plan on using Pix4Dcapture in a very remote location in Russia where I have no Internet access. There are two threads describing problems where the app wants to reconnect randomly, but they are from April 2017.

Are those problems already solved and can I safely use the app for my offlie mission, or can those issues still occur?

What should I not do after disconnecting from the internet? Restarting the mobile phone, deleting the cache or even closing the app?

I use a DJI P4 and an Android phone.



Hello Frederic,

I would recommend you to read the following articles to get helpful information about the kind of missions you are planning:
Is internet needed to use Pix4Dcapture
How to plan and fly a mission without internet in the field

To sum up, it is possible to fly a mission even without the internet connection. We would, however, advise you to make sure that you are logged in into the app and that you preplan the mission when the internet connection is available. 

Note that Pix4Dcapture on Android offers you the possibility to save the background map you need on the hard memory of your phone:
How to use the base map offline or add a custom base map

Also, closing Pix4Dcapture, restarting or switching off/on the mobile will not log you out. 

Is it possible to change flight paramters (height, ect.) when already offline?

Hi Frederic, 

Following the procedures cited in the previous comment, you will be able to change the flight parameters and even the mission size and location as soon as it remains in an area where the background maps have been saved (in the cache memory on iOS or on the hard memory on Android).

On Android, It is required to activate the appropriate option to be able to save the base map on the device:

  • In the Home screen, tap  Settings.
  • In the Settings menu, in the section Maps, check the box Save offline maps.

The most important is to remain logged in. Also, note that on iOS, as the maps are saved on the cache memory, it will remain for 2-3 days depending on the usage of the temporary memory.

Anyway, I would recommend you to make tests before to avoid bad surprises while on the field.

Please note that sometimes if you do not have an Internet connection on the field, it may happen that the SDK token is required by DJI, then you will not be able to fly with Pix4Dcapture before connecting to the internet. 

That would be fatal. How often and as a response to what does the drone requieres the SDK token, and how can I prevent this?

Is it required after switching between DJI Go4 and Pix4Dcap?


When you launch the application the first time or after an update you need to be connected to the internet so that the application can get the DJI SDK token. Once the token is acquired, it is no longer needed to be connected to the internet when you launch the application. However, this message may also appear once in a while to get the SDK token but we do not know exactly how regularly.

Considering this fact, I would recommend you to make sure that DJI GO (4) is updated and before going in the field, to turn off automatic app update for DJI GO (4).