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Pix4d Capture offline flights

Hi all, So I know this has been discussed a bit but it has hit me for the third time today. I live in Australia and we have remote loci everywhere with no wi-fi. So I drove for an hour today out to a remote bush location…fired up my gear and then couldn’t use Pix4d Capture because it wanted to login. I don’t need base maps or any such. I can’t pre-set my grid back at base as I fly ‘on the fly’ and choose my mapping location when I find it. Why the sign in rubbish anyway? Can’t you just put a notice that ‘No Wi-Fi so no background maps are available’ or some such then let us use the software anyway? Basically Pix4d capture is useless to me if I have to log in…I repeat useless…Please fix this very weird and useless restriction that some city slickin’ programmer has written in for no apparent purpose whatsoever…I would actually pay for a licensed version if I could use the software. Cheers :slight_smile: Blue Wolf

Hi Blue Wolf,

Indeed, internet connection is required in order to log-into the app. After the user is logged in, the app works also without the internet connection. For example, it is possible to save offline maps and use it on the field without the internet connection.

To clarify, the internet connection is required for the following steps:

  • To sign up in the app and create a Pix4D account.
  • To log in the app.
  • To upload to the cloud for processing.
  • (DJI) The first time that the app is opened to get the DJI SDK.
  • (DJI) From time to time when opening the app to get again the DJI SDK.

I have, however, forward your remark to the team in charge in order to have a look.


+1 for why is an internet connection required for login…very very frustrating??. Same situation as Roger above except Pix4d Capture crashed on me twice when trying to upload a kml file during a weeks work in remote location in outback Australia and required me to log back in to Pix4d Capture rendering it useless in a situation like that. Had to drive 130km back to base to get wifi to log back in, wasting a days work! We use Pix4d Mapper and its great, Pix4d Capture too is great (EXCEPT the login). A few years ago a previous version of Pix4d Capture did allow you to log back in with no internet connection by tapping the login icon 5 or so times. From memory i think you could login up to 8 times with no internet.

PIX4d PLEASE atleast either bring this login option back in the next upgrade or get rid of the internet login connection all together!!!

Hi Jarrod,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience here.
The ability to skip the login has been removed from the application for legal considerations. It is an obligation for the user to be logged in when using Pix4Dcapture and it is not in the pipeline to change it back.

Normally, the application remains logged in and closing Pix4Dcapture, restarting or switching off/on the mobile will not log you out. Like you, few users reported that the app was asking them to login again but we had very few feedbacks about this particular issue.
For now, we have not been able to reproduce this issue and it does not seem to have any patterns, it is random. It is quite difficult to test it so we can not guarantee that it won’t happen even if it is very rare.

To reduce risks, if possible, I would suggest you have several devices that you can use in case of something occur on the field without internet.


Thanks for your reply.

Firstly, I completely agree that the user should be logged into the app. However, there are many other apps including your competitors that allow the user to “log” into the app with no internet connection.

Secondly, for what legal considerations was this feature removed? It is the users responsibility to fly within their countries specific operating conditions not Pix4d. The user reads and accepts the PIX4D Capture disclaimers before installation of the app therefore removing any liability to PIX4D. Is PIX4D collecting users private flight data?

Taking multiple devices in the field is not an acceptable solution to this, and I think you will find many of your clients are having the same issues, leading to looking at other mapping software that allow this feature!

Hi Jarrod,

I agree that there should be a solution to login without internet in case the user has been logged out unexpectedly. This logout issue seems to be very rare though as we have very few users reporting it.
I have shared your feedback to the developer’s team so that they consider to find a solution to this specific issue.