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planetary analysis

pix4d is better than nasa stereopipeline, making a dtm with pix4d takes short time meanwhile making it with asp it is time consuming!!
if you modify something for the first part of the processing and introduce a planetary surface to georeference orbital data and put gcp, you could propose pix4d to the scientific community for planetary analysis .
thanks for you attention
marco cardinale

Hi Macro,

Thank you very much for your comment. Currently, we focus on drone and terrestrial imagery, but I passed your suggestion to our team.

Best regards,

if i send you 4 images overlapping, may you help me ???so i understand also my errors??

Hello Marco,

It would be great if you could upload the quality report as well. Please make sure that the overlap rates of images are high enough (approximately 80% frontal overlap and 60% side overlap) and Camera parameters are defined (sensor size, pixel resolution, focal length). If not, there could be issues.

let me check again everything i did and send you quality report

hi yuka
this is a report of a dtm with a print screen showing the overlapping images that I used.


prova_report.pdf (133 KB)

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???how do I resolve it??? which type of error is???

Hi Marco,

as Yuka mentioned, our focus is on drone and terrestrial imagery.
Unfortunately, we cannot support you more with satellite images. These articles could be interesting for you:

Here you can find datasets if you want to test our products with drone images: