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planetary dtm

good afternoon, I am trying to use pix4d to realize dtm of diverse area of ganimede planet for structural analysis of the planet.
I am trying to realize dtms from orbital images, but the software gives diverse errors, someone can help me?

i am trying to make a dtm from orbital image with pix4d, I have one error…
no calibrated camera for orbital image from ganimede moon.
someone can help me???

Hello Marco,

In principle, it is possible to generate results using satellite images if:

  • The high-enough overlap is achieved (approximately 80% frontal overlap and 60% side overlap).
  • Camera parameters are defined (sensor size, pixel resolution, focal length).

We had some users in the past who managed to process satellite images; however, our software and solutions do not focus on satellite imagery. For more information, please visit here.

thank for your answer, i defined camera parameters, and there is enough resolution but results are not good

Hello Marco,

Would you please upload the quality report to evaluate the project?