Can Pix4Dmodel use multiple Satellite images in lieu of drone based images

I have a general question, I was wondering if Pix4Dmodel could be made to work with multiple overlapping Satellite based images covering the same area instead of multiple drone collected images??

We have not much experience with satellite imagery. However, Pix4D Desktop is able to create 3D models and orthomosaics out of overlapping images of known approximate position.

In principle, it is possible to generate results out of satellite images if:

  1. There is a proper overlap (approximately 80% frontal overlap and 60% side overlap).
  2. It is possible to describe the camera in terms of position (latitude/longitude/altitude) and parameters (sensor size, pixel resolution, focal length).
    Fulfilling the conditions above, it is possible to use Pix4Dmapper

Thank you Momtanu for the reply, the data I am working with meets those requirements.


Then it should work. However, since we do not have a lot of experience with this, I would recommend you try processing them with a discovery or a trial version to see if it works.