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Pix4dmapper with zenmuse xt thermal pictures

I’m having a lot of troubles processing thermal pictures. I’m using a Zenmuse XT with a 13mm focal lens on a Matrice 100 and DJI GS Pro on ipad. 

using the mode “hover and capture at point”, I get a set of pictures that I can process in Pix4d. The problem is that this flight mode is way too slow and it is limited to 99 waypoints, thus I can do only very small areas. Not very productive…

so I’ve tried capturing pictures in mode “equal time intervals”, setting the shutter interval to 1 sec. speed is 3.9 m/s. Pix4d is not able to produce a valid map here. The quality check highlights a 73% of difference between initial and optimised internal camera parameters and the initial vs calculated positions of the cameras are very different.

In both cases flight altitude is 80m and overlap is 90/90. Gimbal is at 90deg

Has anyone succeed working with this? 

Hi Jesus,

As you already mentioned, it is recommended to use the “Safe Mode” as the drone stops to take the picture. This way the acquired dataset is suitable for processing in Pix4D software. The downside of this mode is the long acquisition phase and some other limitations.

Have a look at the following article about thermal projects since it covers most of issues that user face: Thermal projects.