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Matrice 210 - zenmuse XT

I make the flight plan with the pix4d capture, selecting the Zenmuse XT camera and a 3.5 cm / pixel GSD.

the program recognizes the terrain and indicates the duration of the flight, the height 17m and begins the operation by making a double grid with the corresponding photographs (500 photographs per ha).

My problem is that on the SD card of the XT only appear between 130 to 136 photos per session.

Can someone tell me where the error is.

Because not all the photos are recorded, as shown by the flight that makes them

Hello Santiago,

To better understand the problem and help you the best we can, I would have several questions about the issue you are describing:

  • Are you using the iOS or Android version of Pix4Dcapture? If using iOS, are you selecting the Fast or Safe mode to trigger images?
  • Also, if my understanding is correct, Pix4Dcapture does not trigger all the images despite the fact that the little camera icons are displayed during the flight, am I right?
  • Is there a relevant screenshot you could send us?
  • Is the issue happening all the time or it is random?
  • How many images were supposed to be acquired during your flight?

In any case, we recommend going through our basic checks and troubleshooting steps. If properly followed, it will enable to solve most of the issues that can be encountered by users.


Good afternoon:

I put you in background, I have a service company with drones, and one of them is the photovoltaic parks review and a client requests a thermographic orthostat with the following characteristics.

  • GSD 3.5 cm / pix and in Tif format.

Before buying program licenses, I need to know if I can do the work, my equipment is as follows

  • Matrice 210

  • Zenmuse X5s camera

  • Camera Zenmuse XT 650x512, 19 mm 30 hz

On my iPad I installed Pix4d Capture and configured the operation as follows:

I select the equipment and camera:

I select the operation: double gray, 17 m high

And this is the result

He tells me that he has made 473 images but there are only 133 on the SD card of the camera.

These photos are made in RJP formats because if I use the TIF format, the screen is completely black.

I am not able to perform the test correctly.

I take the opportunity to ask you where I can take a course, ortomosaic with thermography.