i’m trying to process gcp’s but when i click on a gcp (blue circle) no photos appear at the bottom for me to click on the centre. i ony have the trial version currently, is this why they’re not appearing?


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Please could you post a screenshot of the issue? This will help us with the troubleshooting.

I am looking forward to your answer.

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Hi @tnsurveying

This could be related to an outdated GPU driver. PIX4Dmapper trial gives you full access to all the features. So have no worries about the trial. It’s only the Discovery mode that has limited features. For more info:
Pix4Ddiscovery / Discovery mode

Could you check if updating the GPU driver helps?

If you use a NVIDIA GPU, you can follow this article: How to update the driver for an NVIDIA graphics card - PIX4Dmapper

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