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Can't locate picture file

I manually loaded the mission .p4d files and the picture files up onto my computer and when I launched the Pic4DMapper Discovery program it is looking for files starting with the number 0000 when the picture files start with 0132. Did I do something wrong or did I miss something in the setup?

Also when I opened up the Pix4DMapper GPS mapper file in Excel there are 137 entries and only 53 pictures…Is this correct or are there missing pics??

When I processed the pics it stitched them up into an Orthomosaic but there is an error in the Georeferencing tab “no 3D GCP”

Any help appreciated



Hi Lance,

Apologies for our very late reply.
Did you figure this out?

Which drone are you using? If it not the P2V(+) we would recommend in this case to process the images from the drone’s SD card and to import them in a new project you create from scratch. There might be something wrong in the .p4d file.

What do you mean by there is an error in the Georeferencing tab? Do you refer to the orange warning sign? If so and you are not using GCPs then everything is normal. If needed, you can find more information about how to read the quality report here: