Pix4DMapper photos are not updating when clicking on Pix4DSurvey Project

I am working on a Pix4DSurvey project where I’ve imported multiple Pix4DMapper projects to help with marker and automatic detection.

Everything is working perfectly expect the photo pane on the right. When I click on a marker to edit its location, the photo pane on the right does not update to zoom into the area I am clicking.

It was working earlier but now it is not. Could it be that I am using too much data? It is a fairly large area and I am using multiple point clouds and Pix4DMapper projects. I attached a photo below

Hi @sam.frederickson,

Thank you for reporting this problem.

Can you please confirm the version of PIX4Dsurvey you are using, and if this is happening with any project (old/new, large/small)?

Kind regards,

Hi there,

I am using 1.54.2.

I split the project into a smaller one, and the photos were working, but as soon as I imported our linework from a previous Pix4DSurvey project it stopped working. I attached a photo of the project area.

Hi @sam.frederickson,

Thank you for the additional information and screenshot.

Can you please tell me if the same issue happens with PIX4Dsurvey 1.56.0?