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Pix4Dmapper Fundamentals certification exam - 413 Entity Too Large nginx

Since Pix4D support has not been responsive maybe one of you guys are able to help me out.


I am attempting to submit the exam but everytime that I attempt to, it gives me an error 413 Entity Too Large nginx, I was wondering if any of you have experienced the same problem and/or have found a solution to this? It’s been 3 days connected to different internet providers, and YouTube’d how to fix this error but there seems to be no current solution to this when it comes to PC.

Hi Chasen,

The most common reason that you receive error 413 Entity Too Large when submitting your Pix4Dmapper Fundamentals certification results is that one or more of the files is too large. Please verify that you have generated or exported the files according to the exam’s instructions and then attempt to submit them again. I suggest that you start by reconsidering the file that is the largest.

I trust that you understand I cannot provide you with the answers to any of the questions.

I will send you a direct message so that you have the opportunity to share your exam results with us directly.