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Pix4Dmapper Full and detailed Step by Step processing

Hi, I´m newest in Pix4d Mappper so I hope You can help me on this:

1st - I would like to know the full and detailed step by Step to have accuracy results. From the 1st step to the last one.
2nd - I have 1.335 Photos but I want to have the Orthomosaic only, what is the easier way to have it because I saw that there´s a lot of products and I wouldn´t like to waste time processing them.
3nd - My photos were taken by Leica Aibot (Camera: Sony A7RII 28mmf/2.0 ) - How to put it inside the DataBase to have the green simbol in the quality Report after the 1st stage?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Paulo,

I suggest you to have a look on our Knowledge base. Most of the information you are looking for is presented there:

As you are using Pix4Dmapper, I recommend you to use it to generate orthomosaics. Basically, you need to run the three steps to get it.

Your images should have an EXIF files that is read by Pix4Dmapper and from there the camera parameters will be set in the software.
Which symbols are not green in your quality report?
Could you please attach you quality report to your reply using this:image ?

Looking forward to have a look on your quality report.

Hi Marco,

You can find the quality Report attached.


190917_grindrod_aibot_proc_2_report.pdf (3.0 MB)

Hi Paulo,

You are new but using an old version!

Set the Internal Parameter Optimization on “All Prior”.
This should improve the camera optimization.
But overall your project is good. There is just an area with less matches, but it should be improved by using “All Prior”

Hope this helps,