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Pix4Dmapper 3.0 Mac crash on log in


I am trying to run the Beta Mac version of Pix4Dmapper 3.0 on a late 2016 MacBook Pro 15"

The application quits unexpectedly immediately upon clicking login.

I hope you can help.

Log file: 

[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: Build = 3.0.13
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: OS = Darwin 16.1.0 x86_64
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: CPU = Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, cpus=4, threads=8
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: Graphics cards info [Device 0]
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: Device string: no info
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: Provider name:
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: ChipType:
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: Driver version:
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: Memory size: 0 bytes
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: OpenGL version: 0
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: OpenGL flags: 0
[2016.11.29 13:19:03][73%RAM][0%CPU][Info]: Total RAM = 16GB, available RAM = 4GB

Hello James, 

MacOS Sierra is not supported for the moment. There are known issues on the newest Apple computers. We are currently working on it, and it should be supported in the next version.

Updates about the MacOS version of Pix4D software are announced in the official forum post: If you would like to be notified of updates, please login and click “Follow” on the top right corner of the post.

Thank you for your understanding.