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Pix4Dfields quit unexpectedly on Mac OS

Hi, I just downloaded Pix4Dfields version 1.8.1 so that I can try the 15 day free trial. I have Mac OS 10.13.6 and when I try to run the program it immediately show the “quit unexpectedly” message and shuts down.

Has anybody had this problema? Is there a work around this?


Hi, You will need to update the Mac version. You can find the OS requirement here:

Hi, thanks Montana.chakraborty. I thought that OS 10.13 was the minimum required. I used to have 10.12 and when I tried to install de software it said that it couldn’t because it had to be 10.13 or higher. So I updated my Mac to 10.13.6 since its the latest version I can install because I have a Mid-2011 iMac.

So OS 10.15 or newer is required? I would then have to download it for windows since I have windows 10 installed in Parallels.


Hi Allan, you will need 10.5 or higher.

Thank you. I guess I’ll keep using windows until I upgrade my Mac.

Thanks for the help @momtanu.chakraborty