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Pix4d Mapper for Mac

I trialed Px4D mapper on my Retina Mac and had no problems and really liked it. I now have an important contract and have purchased the license for a month. I’ve only had it for a few days and keep having the same problem. I set it doing the initial processing and when I come back to it after a few hours it has either shut itself down or there is an error message saying that the mac could not shut down because mapper was running (but meanwhile mapper has paused any processing). I have all auto updates etc turned off so the Mac is not trying to shut down, install updates automatically. This only happens when I run Mapper, so it’s like the mac is trying to shut down because of something mapper is doing??? I saw some of the posts talking about no ongoing development for macOS as it might not be possible to provide a stable platform for it. Are you really saying that I’ve just spent 260 Euro on something that isn’t stable on my system and that I’m going to struggle to process data for my client, or am I misunderstanding something? Thanks for any comments and for any help in sorting the issue I have.

HI There 

I run the Mac beta, I haven’t run into that problem to be honest - I find it generally very stable - what version of macOS are you running? but it sounds like thats a MacOS thing trying to shut down. I have had similar things recently. I tend to leave my machine on all the time but turn monitors off at night. when I turn the monitors on in the morning, I often have a message from the foremost app with the usual ‘4 documents require review before quitting’ message, so obviously its tried to shut itself down overnight but I’ve actually never had it when the Mapper is running overnight.



Hi Rob,

Whatever the issue was it seems to have sorted itself. I also leave it running most of the time and have no problems. I’ve been doing some heavy processing and Pix4D has been perfect so far. I really like the software, I just get a bit frustrated when you’re paying the same price for something that the developer is saying they may never have a stable platform for. Cheers

Yes I agree, Im (reluctantly) considering running Bootcamp in order to run the current Windows version for certain projects but as I’ve not had any stability issues with the Mac version its just really for the feature set on certain projects that I need.

Yes, I was also considering Bootcamp, but I have a potential 36+ survey contract over the next 18 months and if it comes off I might just bite the bullet and buy a windows based processing desktop.


Fair enough!

I’m in the process of building a Hackintosh (not for everyone, I know) to get the best of both worlds (affordable(ish) high end components and keep my entirely mac based workflow) but can run windows to get CUDA support for apps that support it on that side. Just waiting to see how the iMac Pro helps things along - i.e. X299 and i9 native support in macOS.