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Pix4Dfields for Pix4Dag licenceholders

I purchased a perpetual licence to Pix4Dag last November with the expectation that I would have upgrades until November 2018 and upon renewal of the support subscription, upgrades for at least another year.

My first reading of the email introducing Pix4Dfields this week leads me to believe that that will no longer be the case.

As Pix4Dag is not yet a perfect product I was awaiting upgrades to move towards that.

As I am a beta tester of the Pix4Dfields application I think it will be a worthwhile addition to Pix4Dag but is not a product worth paying again for my perpetual licence, even at a discount. It is only an upgrade, a small addition to Pix4Dag, not yet useful as a stand alone application.

Because there was no facility to display maps with a table of index values of each of the classes to give an accurate map I used Excel and Photoshop to display my own.

It seems that if I want upgrades to my Pix4Dag licence as was agreed in November 2017 I will have to pay the price of a new licence again, less a small discount. That is not a reasonable situation.

A more reasonable upgrade to Pix4Dfields, the replacement for Pix4Dag, for a perpetual licence holder would be say 10% of the purchase price, especially for a licence holder who has only had the licence for 6 months.

I have not had a bad word to say about Pix4D until now. I have been a great supporter of your team working on this application, but I feel this is a betrayal of your loyal support base of licence holders.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Borella

AgAerial Images Pty Ltd

Hi Peter,

This is Jorge Fernandez, Solution Manager for Agriculture.

First of all, thank you for sharing this on the community page. We try to be as clear as possible in our communication, but sometimes there is room for uncertainty.

As we explained in the email, your Pix4Dag license will be unaffected. You will be able to continue using it as before. However,  from now on, our efforts towards Agriculture are focused in Pix4Dfields. 

Pix4Dfields has gone a long way since it started as a beta product available only to a few users worldwide. Your feedback has been very valuable and the product you will see live soon (this week) has many many improvements.

The reaction to Pix4Dfields has been great; what we hear from our beta testing group is that Pix4Dfields represents all they wanted to for Agriculture.

Coming back to the Pix4Dag perpetual license question you had, I believe in the email we sent you there is a form to give you access to a very beneficial offer for those who have a Pix4Dag perpetual license (with active S&U) and would like to transition to Pix4Dfields.

We truly value our users, and with Pix4Dfields coming to the market we want to make sure everyone (if wanted) has the chance for a beneficial transition into it. 

If there is any further question, let me know.




Hi Jorge,

Just started a trial version of Pix4dFields today and am impressed with the speed for a field-side evaluation of imagery. Processing is the true bottleneck for utilizing drone imagery for any real acreage for farms.

However, I’m confused about how/whether this new application will be able to account for GCPs and calibration (we use MicaSense Red Edge 3 5-band sensor). I understand Pix4dAg has gone away and now our options are either (1) the pared down (but very fast) Pix4dFields or (2) Pix4dMapper?

Thank you and keep up the incredible work.





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