Pix4DCatch position angles

Hi all,

I have sono questions regarding the angles that can be found in the _gps folder inside a Pix4DCatch survey. I also premise that I have already read the article https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/202558969-Yaw-Pitch-Roll-and-Omega-Phi-Kappa-angles

I took some surveys by scanning an hedge taking the smartphone parallel to it so that the yaw, pitch and roll angles do not change during the survey:

  1. In the _all_locations.csv file I see that the yaw angle is not represented as the conventional azimuth angle (0°/360° North, 180° South, 90° East, 270° West). How this is represented and which correlation there is with respect to the azimuth angle?
  2. In the same file, I also see the roll angle that is nearly the same for each survey I get. It is always between 60° and 90° but I expect to have a roll angle near to 0°. How it is the roll angle represented?
  3. The pitch angle is much more clear to me as if the smartphone is vertical the pitch angle is near to 0°.

Thank you for your help!


Hi Simone,

Welcome to the community!

These files are logging various states during capture, and are not meant to be consumed in this way. The .csv files are for debugging and contain many multiple values of YPR depending on what’s being logged.

All three angles need to be considered together, looking at just one would not provide meaningful information.