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Pix4Dcatch Community challenge: Catch them if you (s)can

For a little more detail, I’ve included a screenshot that shows some of the measurements I looked at in the model.
The form boards should be about 5.75" apart, so the two measurements of 6" and 5.7" are in line with what I’d expect.

And if you look closely, you can even pick out the chalk line stretched across the top of the boards in the point cloud.

Model Link


That’s pretty cool!
I really like the idea of using Pix4D catch to look at soil pits and identify/measure horizons.

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Hello, Community!

I don’t have the opportunity share any of my construction projects at this time. So I made this for fun and for training purposes :slight_smile:

The one route I usually jog is a short railway that was made to demonstrate how lime and iron were extracted a long time ago. The train section is only for demonstration and the trains do not run more than a couple of times a year for children to experience. Along the railway, therefore, some stations have been made for fun. At one station there is an underwater bomb and an underwater missile (I am 99,99% sure they are safe!). I have no idea why they are there or how they got there. It was still a nice challenge for terrestrial photogrammetry midway through tonight’s jog.

I set Pix4Dcatch to take pictures every 50 cm with 90% overlap and ended up with approx. 400 images (I did some extra rounds for safety). It was demanding to avoid including background elements outside the area of interest when doing it from the ground, but this was an area that was not easily accessible to drones either - a nice challenge. It’s still the little platform with a house and two bombs that I have aimed at here!

Link to the project: Pix4Dcloud


Good evening!

This is our project of an active recreation park for children and adolescents.
The park is almost finished.
There are a few final touches left.
In particular, small fences around the perimeter of the main objects.



Hey boys and girls! How are you!
A very funny situation…
I haven’t visited pix4d for a long time.
And yesterday I went to the site and saw a message about the challenge.
Right now we are doing a lighting project for the fountain!
And for visualization, we are building a fountain model!
Now you can take a look at this composition!
(the lighting project itself is not available under the link, since it cannot be done on the cloud)))

Good luck to all!



So this is another capture I’ve done (and a checky additional late entry) Captured with pix4DCatch using an iPhone 12pro and processed using pix4D Cloud.
I’d like to use Pix4D advance to re-capture, reprocess or prepare this scan (if that can even be done with Pix4DCloud Advanced??)
It’s a scan of the College MUT (Mobile Unit of Technology) with modified interior option.
I would like to capture some different possible layouts for how the van can be used with the range of kit in it with the intention of refitting and making the van more functional - kit includes scanning and survaying equipment, robotic arms, drones, AR/VR and digital fabrication capabilities.

and then of course use pix4D with some drone and phone Imagery recreate some places of interest around Ireland over the next few months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!

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Challenge Post:
Testing Pix4Dcatch with iPhone X to see of we can use this tool in our restoration job of a 100 year old lobby of a theater in Harlem area, Manhattan NY. The looby will be use as an main entrance and lobby of new hotel. That includes new terrazzo floor replica with mosaic insertions, Botticino marble walls.

[3D Model]


This is the first time I have used this program. I understand that there are many power users here.
So don’t judge too harshly. Anyway, I wanted to participate.
Construction work has not been completed yet and the model must meet the conditions of the competition.
And the story is simple - we change the pipes of one of the streets.



Hello all,

Please find the 3D model of our Mega Solar plant Site,

PIX 4d Cloud helped us to understand the Site area, Volume at the required point, Slope angle by sitting at our office.

The vast area survey would have delayed our planning stage, but with the help of PIX4D cloud we could do our preparation stage works within days.

All the stakeholders of the project were really admired about the PIX4D cloud which helped them to do their work efficiently.


LETTS Private limted,
Hiroshima - Japan

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[Catch them if you (s)can]

Log stack

As forest scientists, we try to use drone or cell phone imagery to capture wood piles and find ways to measure their volume. This can save a lot of manual work. However, there are still many challenges to master. Here is a first attempt on this way. The 3D images/models are also very popular in teaching.

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Research Center of Irrigation and Water Management

DJI Ph4 Advanced with modified NGB camera

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Hello Community,
Here it is the project, now under a new account (I am the same as

This a 3D-model of a “3D- physical model breakwater” that was constructed in the experimental facilities of the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (a R&D institution) to verify structure integrity on the stability and overtopping phenomena due to simulated irregular waves in a wave tank.
We normally use a Microsoft Kinect Movement sensor to obtain the reconstructed 3D model so that we are able to compare subsequent model’s outputs after every run of tests, for every set of simulated wave conditions. Now we use an iPhone 12 Pro (which sports a LiDAR sensor) with your software instead to obtain the same (or better) results in a much more efficient and quick way. Therefore, the Pix4DCloud project I uploaded was a very first trial. It clearly needs some improvements but results seem promising. I’m quite amazed with the accuracy of the software, results are just as coming from pix4Dcatch without any further adjustments.
Thank you for this participation
Rui (


Thanks Rodrigo,

I have been using the Pix4Dcatch and Pix4Dcloud to prepare my “Pix4Dcatch Community challenge”. I posted the links and description HERE. I hope you like it. I haven’t had much time to clean up the point cloud and improve the texturing.


Challenge Post:

Hello everyone,

For planning and obtaining the flight images with the [ANAFI-Parrot FPV] drone, the PIX4D Capture software was used. The outputs will serve to analyze the terrain in greater detail as well as to assist in the creation of the 3d model of the building and the vegetal cover of the property.

In order to be able to rehabilitate and give a new use to the built heritage of quinta do paço and its property, it is intended to create an ecotourism project, a tourist typology practically nonexistent in the Municipality. Called “Quinta do Paco - Ecohouses,” the idea of the project to be developed on site, since its matrix is placed in a perspective of preservation of natural resources, promoting sustainable development and the establishment of active population creating a dynamic and multifunctional farm; offering tourist accommodation, but always with a strong environmental awareness; focused on nature and focused on the local community. It is intended to promote ecological agriculture, at a local scale and that preserves the biodiversity of the different habitats. Restoring the soil, nature, implementing permaculture and silviculture practices, also betting on biological products and regional cuisine. The types of crops planned include horticulture in agroforestry (agroforestry agriculture), the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants and arboriculture, always focusing on native species.
In addition to the use of residential character, it is intended to complement the offer of “Quinta do Paço”, with the creation of adaptable spaces and with good conditions for holding events, workshops, group activities linked to nature. Always betting on quality, locality, using as premises concepts such as circular economy, Kilometer Zero (KM0), aiming thus:

  • Promotion of the local economy by stimulating economic circulation within the community through logics of proximity;
  • Stimulating local family production and increasing the consumption of locally produced food products, throughout the seasons and revealing the character of the region;
  • Fostering the reduction of the ecological food footprint, reducing the energy needed for food products to reach the producer from the consumer;
  • Contribution to food independence, maintaining know-how and local production capacity and decreasing the degree of external food dependency;
  • Contribution to the preservation of local and regional varieties and the biodiversity associated with agricultural systems.

Thanks a lot

Here Some Pics:


here the link to the Pix4D Cloud model!

Thanks everyone
Cheers From Portugal


Here is a model we did to look at the complex connections and material in a stormwater sewer junction. It took about 3 mins of wild hand waving when I stuck my hand down into the junction with my Iphone12. We used this to determine connectivity of systems and size and material of pipes. Also tied this to high accuracy GPS invert measurements in GIS.

Real take away was that the client wasn’t sure what pictures could capture the complexity of the structure and I said “why not take hundreds of pictures”. It took less time to snap this Catch project than to decide what ‘normal’ pictures to take.

Check it out here!

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Our project shows a house blended into the hill. It took about 5 years to build and required a lot of complex architectural solutions. It was not without the use of a drone - when designing an irregularly shaped retaining wall down the slope, it was not possible to achieve the desired geometry. With the help of drone imagery and the application of the desired adjustments to these images, it was possible to achieve the desired result.

Check it out here: Pix4Dcloud

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Hi Taylor. The model looks great. Nice job!

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Thank you all for your participation.

We are proud to present today the final results for the first Pix4Dcatch Community Challenge.

Our Pix4D jury chose the best projects, according to the usage of Pix4Dcatch, and also according to the project’s connection to the construction industry.

Here’s the podium:

:1st_place_medal: @a.h.taylor1 - 1 year Pix4Dcloud Advanced license
:2nd_place_medal: @Jimmy_Urfer - 9-month Pix4Dcloud license
:3rd_place_medal: @thomas.reinsel - 6-month Pix4Dcloud license

All other selected projects 4 through 7 will receive Pix4D goodies for their participation.


We will be contacting you to organize the prize attribution and also to discuss potential collaborations.

Thank you all.